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Dawlish News

It was a colossal sight, though, water at least 50 feet high over the station as I drove through about 09:50.

Not that I know anything about this, but doesn't cob need a certain level of moisture content ?  I wonder if this dry summer has cause it to crumble ?

I hope cyclists will actually use it, instead of continuing to ride on the footpath as lots of them do between Exminster and the Turf.

Ah, ok, thank you Woolbrook.

17 Nov 2013

Don't understand this news item.  I thought the bridge over the Clyst (at Fisher's Bridge Mill) had been open for months.  Well, we've been walking over it, open or not.

" Back to the original subject of Dawlish Warren and open space, does anybody on here actually use the nature reserve or visit the bird hide? " Yes.

Yes, very good Don.

Totally agree FredBassett.  But again, a new road wouldn't be easy because it would have to damage Little Haldon (SSSI and all that).

2 Dec 2012

Hm, tunnelling under Haldon or Little Haldon, taking away the train service from Teignmouth and Dawlish ...  Can't see that getting through easily.  (Or maybe the existing line would have to stay open, with the Exmouth-Paignton crawler using it while the expresses go through the new tunnel ? if so, then #FredBassett your speculations may not come to anything).

"Fairly easy going" !??? It's a lovely walk but I wouldn't call it that.

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