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Bradshaw is on the effeminate side in my opinion, and his hairstyle doesn't dispel that image. As for the dodgy voting, students are allowed and encouraged to register to vote at their home and university addresses, though forbidden from voting at both.  During the current election campaign some students have openly bragged about intending to break that rule, and there are absolutely no checks ...

11 Dec 2019

I think Boris will win a decent working majority, but no way will the Lib Dems come second.  I would dearly love to see the bouffant Bradshaw get kicked out in Exeter, but as with Plymouth, the high student population and dodgy voting will ensure his survival.

@Masonic Bodge The thousands of economic migrants congregating around the French ports have travelled through countless safe countries in Europe, they have no moral or legal right to come to this country.  But, come they do in droves every day, and we stupidly send out the welcoming boats for them.  Let them apply through the legal route and arrive with the proper documentation.

5 Dec 2019

If Labour get elected then at least all the hordes of economic migrants crossing the Channel can look forward to living in superior accommodation.

Where will Steptoe find the £60 billion, which is in addtion to the £80 billion they have already pledged to spend?

When the head of Channel 4 news slags off Boris at the Edinburgh Festival, I'm not surprised the Tories want nothing to do with the channel, it's not exactly a bastion of impartiality.  There is also the alleged incident of presenter Jon Snow chanting "F*ck the Tories" while attending Glastonbury.

“How will you pay for it?” “We’ll pay for it because it has to be paid for.” “How will you pay for it?” “It has to be paid for.” Jeremy Corbyn struggles to tell @afneil how he’d fund compensation for WASPI women. Priceless car crash interview by Corbyn.

25 Nov 2019

"Islamophobia" is an invented term to shutdown any debate or criticism of Islam.

25 Nov 2019

Is electing an antisemitic Marxist government worth it?

25 Nov 2019

Because magic money trees do not exist.