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Dawlish News

In my experience "idiots on bikes" form a substantial number in the cycling fraternity. @Fred If you get incriminating footage you should upload it to You Tube so it's there for all to see.

You are so utterly predictable, Oursoul.

22 May 2015

I thought you were only posting on Wednesdays, OurSoul?  And by the way, you aren't fooling anybody, I don't believe for one moment that this is your first incarnation on this forum.

You might be laughing Dorian, but it did get reported to the webmaster.  I am watching you closely.

18 Nov 2014

Ah yes, Dorian, the one who makes comments that could be interpreted as homophobic, that didn't go unnoticed.

18 Nov 2014

Just stating the blindingly obvious, Mrs C.

18 Nov 2014

What a cop-out, Mrs C, you are truly pathetic, full of hot air and nothing else.

18 Nov 2014

That's the point though, where is the evidence?

18 Nov 2014

You keep bandying about the name-calling accusation but are totally unable to substantiate it, apart two examples you dredged up the other day, which were actually statements of fact.

18 Nov 2014

You could almost believe Dorian and Mrs C are one and the same.  It's uncanny.

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