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@Mcjprc Are you seriously suggesting that Powderham does not host large concerts?  Let's Rock Exeter, Olly Murs... But whether it be 5,000 or 25,000, I don't believe the vast majority of concert-goers spend any money outside the venue.

7 Apr 2016

Powderham hosts quite a few large events, is the town deluged with visitors from these?  And I'm not the one phoning around the local camp sites trying to prove a point.

7 Apr 2016

Maybe they are busy just because it's the bank holiday weekend, did they ask everybody why they were coming to stay?

6 Apr 2016

I have never been to a festival event where I was searched on entry with food and drink being confiscated.  I wouldn't attend such an event on principle.

6 Apr 2016

As people attending the concerts are strictly prohibited from taking their own food and drink into the site, the local off licences and food shops would be foolish to overstock.  From the BBC website: No food or drink can be taken into the site - with the exception of personal supplies of water in a plastic container with an unbroken seal (up to 500 ml per person); or special medical supplies ...

5 Apr 2016

And not forgetting lots of lovely dosh for the Powderham estate.

5 Apr 2016

I wonder if figures will be released detailing the number of TDC residents who obtained tickets versus people from outside the area?  Council tax payers could then decide for themselves if this was money well spent, or not.

4 Apr 2016

And thank-you the council tax & licence fee payers.

14 Feb 2016

£100,000 of council tax money is squandered, and the payback is a few workshops run by the BBC?  The potential cost of tickets on the open market is irrelevant, TDC should not be in the business of subsidising pop concerts that have little, or no benefit to the community.

So it will be a shared use footway/cycle route.  I can see that ending badly.

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