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Dawlish News

@"Diana Mond" - Why the totally unnecessary technology jibe?  You can change your alias as often as you like, but we all know who you are.

21 Sep 2017

Some people have a different opinion, shocking isn't it?

Unless there is something we have not been told then I don't understand why the police are treating this as a race hate attack.  There could be any number of reasons behind this incident.

You really need to check the definition of the word scurrilous.

Your ranting on here suggests it does bother you.

23 Feb 2017

Report the seller to the police if it bothers you so much.

Here's a different version of the story. Committee blame council for being forced to cancel Dawlish Air Show after overspend on Big Weekend. The popular event, which has taken place for the past decade will not take place in 2017 because the committee blame the council for overspending on Radio 1's Big Weekend. In May 2016 50,000 music fans attended Radio 1's Big Weekend at ...

@Dil The reason people have a problem with this event is because it is being financed by the taxpayer (BBC & Council Tax), yet are being ripped off as though it is a normal commercial venture. It is not comparable to a concert at the O2.

17 May 2016


Just don't bother reading it if this thread upsets you so much.

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