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Dawlish News

Frome is on an off-shoot line, it is not on the normal route into Paddington from Dawlish.

17 Sep 2014

Mrs C, off her rocker, again.  The current bandstand will not be in place "for years to come", TDC will take charge and come up with a plan far more suited to the lawn than the monstrosity dreamt up by some town councillors.

The very same consultation which revealed that 56% did not want the woodlouse.  Anyway, it's all history now, as I suspect certain councillors will be after next year's elections.

15 Sep 2014

Would that be the consultation which was initially going to be rushed through before people really understood the implications of what was being proposed?

15 Sep 2014

I see the rat is spouting nonsense yet again.  The current bandstand will most certainly not be in place "for decades to come".  I fully expect that TDC will now progress its plans for a new, more fitting, bandstand which I believe were being formulated before the woodlouse folly reared its ugly head.

@Likeablerat As I have already pointed out to others, you have no knowledge of my present domestic circumstances.

21 Aug 2014

The wood louse plan was flawed from the start, if CCF had not rejected it then I highly suspect TDC would have done so at the planning stage.  I see the face saving has already started.  The local elections next year will be interesting, I suspect certain councillors could receive a kick in the ballots.

It's not the lycra, it's some cyclists' total disregard for road and pedestrian safety that gets people angry.  I've yet to see a motorist drive along the middle of the pavement, or up a one-way street in the wrong direction.

Has the CCTV ever been effective in actually assisting the police with a successful prosecution?  From what I hear it doesn't work after dark.

Public funds are usually ringfenced to secure essential services or projects, how on earth does a path for the cycling fraternity fall into that category, what have they done to deserve such preferential treatment?

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