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Nelson's Posts

Obviously I mean the letter from the person who doesn't just preach, but also practices what she preaches. The lady from the Carnival makes many valid points, some unnecessary and inappropriate points re the Chamber Of Trade, and hits the nail on the head about Eyes Of Dawlish. It's great to read that 'doers' are assisting with the Pram Race and Its A Knockout, though no doubt the 'do ...

27 Oct 2012

Gutted. :-(

GREAT NEWS!  That, together with the Section 16 windfalls, will make a big difference towards the common aim of improving the town centre for residents and tourists alike.

@stephen15 - i agree with you entirely re taotn, my point though is that at the time it was conceived and then installed, the media (notably the daily mail) whipped up mass hysteria against it. the same's happening now.

16 Oct 2012

Narrow minded people said similar about The Angel Of The North.  That public work of art is now iconic, so who's to say that this one won't be similar?

Thanks Lynne.

13 Oct 2012

Or perhaps there's more important things to be wasting your time worrying over?

New Benches
5 Oct 2012

Only if you feel guilty... You're suggesting that people should be denied the opportunity to have a new roof over their head, unless that roof is offset by an apple tree or a veg plot. Not in the real world I'm afraid Lynne. Sandy Lane playing field is quite fertile though...

5 Oct 2012

New apple trees or new homes?  It's a tough shout!! Though I can understand why anyone who lives in a house built over a former orchard might feel guilty...

Bill Millin
4 Oct 2012

Why has a town resident complained about and blocked the £1000 donation by the British Legion towards the cost of this statue?  The mind boggles!!!!!!