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@ Taylorjack913 . where does your wife come from ? Have you any pictures of her ? if not do you want some ??????????????????????????????

Nice to get some good shops around here .

11th November
11 Nov 2013

TODAY IS ... Remembrance Day, the time we remember the servicemen and women who have fought for our freedom and given their lives for our country.

Woodland Trust
10 Nov 2013

Hope you are not Barking up the wrong tree.

10 Nov 2013

Wood you believe it.

I would of kept it . I like a bit of lambs heart and a mash potato peas & gravy. . Lovely.

31 Oct 2013

Think i would keep my kids away from someone like you Taylorjack913.

31 Oct 2013

Just buy the sweets and keep them for yourself Keep the curtains shut and enjoy the sweets. Let the kids buy there own.

30 Oct 2013

just do not respond to the comments.