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walk on the beach.
7 Sep 2013

Had a nice walk on the beach tonight with the kids , it was lovely . We are so lucky to live in Dawlish. Forget about all the problems in the world . we are so lucky to live in Dawlish.

Kill them all and let GOD sort them out.

28 Aug 2013

It was probably the uk who supplied the chemical weapons that were used.

Thank You
26 Aug 2013

What a great 2 days , Great for the family  .  My kids loved it .Well done to everyone.

Apache Helicopter
23 Aug 2013

Afghanistan is a bad bad place Ask anyone who has done a tour there .

23 Aug 2013

No it does not

A 18 stone single mum Mmmmmmmmmm  Yes please. A DREAM come true for me . Do not knock it to you have tried it.

Could not do with the extra money and time  . LOL

Yes me lol . Do we need more taxi spaces ? Would it not be better if it was for visitors and free at that .

Got to say they have some great bargains at AMAZON. And if we could get away with not paying tax etc we would all do it.  Am i right or am i right ?

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