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Duckileaks' Posts

Just been to vote, and for the first time in my middle-aged life I had to queue - to get in, to vote and put that vote in the ballot box. This was at St Agatha's.  What are the other polling stations like?

He was a sweetheart and will be missed. RIP Les

I will Burnside, but I shall be balancing out anything I don't agree with against anything I do agree with. Also I shall consider how active the candidates have been during their term of office, not just turning up when there is a camera present or an election pending. And most importantly to me their conduct during the last four years, especially the way they have used to social media to ...

Planning Application
23 Mar 2015

You can use the link to the application to make a comment supporting or objecting to this.  I've just made my comments - bet you can't guess which way I voted!!!!

23 Mar 2015

@Lynne That address you're thinking of is the 'artist's' residence. He did try to get a mermaid statue in Teignmouth a few years ago but they turned him down He did a consultation at Sainsbury's a while back, I put in a comment that was not complimentary, I didn't realise that the gentleman was hovering nearby and as I walked away he must have heard me saying to my companion how hideous I ...

Well said that man! And now will those councillors who voted to give them money actually realise what has been going on and see that all they have done is prop up a group of people who are so blind to public opinion they should hang they heads in shame.

16 Mar 2015

Sorry Michael, just need to reply to Margaret... I didn't intend to leave you waiting by your computer into the wee small hours awaiting my reply, I do apologise for the inconvenience.  Dorian was right, I was trying to sleep and then was enjoying the company of my family over the weekend. Strangely this forum didn't feature highly on my list of things to do. In answer to your question; ...

15 Mar 2015

@MargaretSwift. To give them a last chance in your final year of this council is a total cop out.  If you stand again for council and get re-elected will you then say to them they had their last chance?  Or will you walk away from council being able to say that you supported the carnival all through your term of office? either way seems bull crap!

12 Mar 2015

@michaelclayson i admire your stance and agree that to abstain was the best option.  it is a shame that some of your fellow councillors don't have the same courage to say that they aren't entirely happy about the situation. @the observer. Many people have tried to have their say and make a difference but it is ignored. Sadly their point of view is that they are the directors and there is ...

11 Mar 2015

Can I just point out that if anyone is unhappy with the decision made by the council an ideal opportunity to show this is imminent in May - lovely local elections.