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I didn't change my mind.  I set my account to delete but I guess it's another thing that doesn't work along with capital letters and cut and paste. Why Burnside how does it affect you, you've obviously searched through posts to find that? I've noted that there's a lot of snideness on here which just stops from name calling, to keep on the right side of the rules I guess. I'm happy to have a ...

29 Aug 2018

i fear double standards on this site @Lynne .  some people seem to get away with being really vile.

It's at a very accessible location.  You can access from Sainsburys, through the new estate and then a kissing gate to the countryside park.  I do it regularly.

do you have an issue with me posting @DEEDOODLE ?

11 Aug 2018

And that's the only thing you've picked out of my comments.  Ok, easy pickings I guess.

10 Aug 2018

Don't be silly Lynne, he could of course ask his educated 92 year old friend.  But then what do I or any of us in Devon know, we can't compete with majorp's experience, although I may be wrong but a lot of the people who post on here aren't originally from Devon.  Even though this bird brain's family is from the midlands and I have a (shock horror) female muslim friend (ban me now).

We were talking to the owner's dad yesterday in Teignmouth and I think the woman is embarrassed.  She wouldn't be interviewed. (ps) they felt forced to remove the rogue apostrophe from the kiosk too!

9 Aug 2018

Boris jumping on the latest bandwagon in his desperate attempt to be prime minister.  I'm fed up of hearing how clever he is as he's yet to prove it. Yes burkhas are worthy of debate but not in the way he's done it. Yet again Jonathan Pie sums it up for me ( warning some bad language ).

8 Aug 2018

I think you're confusing muslems (sic) for terrorists.  Please stop calling women bird brains majorp.  No-one will take you seriously if you resort to name calling.

8 Aug 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Theresa May faces calls to ban the berk.