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Lots of complaints have been made about the bad management of this to DCC. It's appalling really, you'd think by watching them that they have no idea how to resurface a road or use traffic lights.

11 Mar 2018

Nothing on the water fowl page. Probably the best place to ask.

Good luck to him

Our postie still had his shorts on today!

Pics 22 02 2018
25 Feb 2018

I've been told its TDC. They are going to let me know what the cleansing team say.

23 Feb 2018

thanks @ZIGGY , i've reported the mess.

22 Feb 2018

where's all that rubbish @DEEDOODLE ?

@TheObserver - you're making things up now.  i've never implied that.

20 Feb 2018

you could say that about any road.  people have driven down there to see the sea i guess.  people drive down my road to park outside my house to pick their kids up.  they've had the benefit of those lights for a while without being adopted so the advantage would be to have the road resurfaced and keep the lights.  i don't think @Diana Mond 's comments are any worse than some of the residents ...