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Dogs on Lawn plus.
12 Jun 2018

How about locals with pitchforks?  I'm sure they'd do it for free.

11 Jun 2018

Something else that won't be enforced.  Don't particularly agree with either of those but I have the feeling there's a push for the play park whether it's wanted or not.  I'm sure I'll be proved wrong when Dawlish is flooded with parents wanting to play and shop.

House of Faser
7 Jun 2018

Isn't it Dingles?

i think it may have moved @Cassandra although still in teignmouth.

I have to say online shopping has been a godsend for someone who has a child with a 36" leg.  School clothes would have been impossible unless I'd made my own which as I'm not a stay at home mum wouldn't have happened.  Same goes for size 12 school shoes. This change is inevitable, who has time to go shopping all the time? I've always hated trolling shops and now I don't have to, I can do other ...

Dawlish Airshow
31 May 2018

Not this year.

Perhaps we ought to put an immigration plan into effect for Teignbridge.  Anyone who has not lived here all their life is deported and access banned to all Teignbridge discussion boards. Should stop the moaning on this site ... (lights touch paper and retreats to safety).  Debon Dan for prime minster.

Lycra louts about.
16 May 2018

Behind a cyclist with one leg today, wouldn't have known if he hadn't been wearing shorts. Very skilful.

that's it, well done @Lynne , i couldn't work out how to link to the discussion!

14 May 2018

Quite a big discussion on this on EOD discussion page.

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