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Right or wrong
3 May 2020

She added "nobody would dream" of applying restrictions on the basis of skin colour, despite a higher death rate among BAME people. Not true, I understand where applicable they are looking for BAME people to be moved to less risky areas of the NHS. This article is moaning for moanings sake a lot of which is going on in print media and social media at the moment. God ...

Shaun Sawyer
24 Apr 2020

I don't see how we can avoid further peaks if we relax rules, I'm happy with the police enforcing as they are.  I don't have a lot of time for Anne Marie Morris criticising them, especially young inexperienced police.  Let's face it in her case with age comes wisdom certainly doesn't apply.

I walked through town yesterday about 3pm and it was quiet I thought.  First time I've ventured that far.  Everyone kept their distance.  There's some very superior people tut tutting at people as if they're the only ones who can possibly understand all the consequences. We've had a few people at work with Covid19 and one death and are certainly not underestimating things. A lot of us also have ...

It needs to be made clear that anyone furloughed who does this work for whatever period of time won't (a) lose their furloughed money and (b) won't lose their job as this is what is being threatened at the moment.

Passenger flights are believed to have been cut by up to 95%, but that still means one in 20 are taking off. Airlines say they are keeping vital links open. "We are working with European Union (EU) governments to try to keep some minimum flight links open for emergency reasons, even though the passenger loads on these flights will be very low," said Ryanair. But other flights are to bring ...

Councillors have today voted unanimously to support the appointment of a dedicated Climate Change Officer to lead the authority in tackling climate change.

Co- Op
24 Sep 2019

@Brian Devon I think they are refurbishing part of it and installing self check outs.

It's got to be Gracie.

They'll be on BBC Spotlight tonight at 6.45.

13 Jul 2019

I've spoken to Cllr Wrigley.  He says: I will do everything I can to keep the cafe running. My understanding is that the cafe should have full access after the building work is complete, and that it should be ok. However, the loss of trade now is a big issue we have to tackle too. I have been trying to get to the reality today, and there is some mis information and mis communication I fear. I ...

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