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General Discussion

Gammon is not racist. It is an insult but not racist!

9 Apr 2019

Aspartame has no link to cancer by the way. That claim hasn't been proven.

4 Apr 2019

Burneside I was being deliberately obtuse. I think this shows Brexiteers being hypocrites.

4 Apr 2019

It's still a majority even if a slim one.

Post Democracy
4 Apr 2019

" problems we have with people who want to be something they are not" which people are these?

3 Apr 2019

Coming in a week when a neo-Nazi was convicted of planning to murder a Labour MP, this can’t be defended as ‘a joke’. To think this is brilliant is disgraceful.

3 Apr 2019

That is unacceptable whatever you think of Corbyn.

Not all Tories are Brexit supporters and those who aren't will be disillusioned by the current Tory government and the mess they have made.

3 Apr 2019

I think Tory will either not vote in the next GE or will vote Change UK. Brexit party if still around will get votes (as they are new UKIP) but no MPs. The number of independents will increase too. Most likely would be a hung parliament. Cameron destroyed the Tories by promising they would follow through on the referendum result. They should have used the result to improve the EU or improve ...

2 Apr 2019

I still don't understand why not all MPs voted in these important votes. 572 is the most that voted. There are 650 MPs (?). I understand the 7 Sinn Fein MPs and 4 others don't (speaker  3 assistants) but where are the others? Someone tell me if I am missing something!

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