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Dawlish News

To help protect the sea wall at Dawlish, and other vulnerable stretches of the main railway line, then why not do what they have done at Sidmouth (even though they have no railway) and put 2 'artificial islands' just off the beach, which helps break up the waves and protect the sea wall and properties on the esplanade. We had the opportunity to do this some years ago when the sea defences were ...

How about an official opening to celebrate the official opening?

Many thanks Michael , and like Duckileaks above, I too have a clear picture now.

22 Nov 2013

@Mrs C As a matter of fact, no, I haven't seen the schedule of works for the above job. Please tell me exactly where one can find them, as I will be most grateful. Also, is there somewhere online? A link would be useful if there is.

21 Nov 2013

At the current rate of progress, they will be there for a couple of months, unless they are just doing a certain section. Just look at Tucks Plot section, and youy can see how much needs to be cleared from there.

13 Nov 2013

@Mrs C I believe one of the reasons as to why it wasnt built before, was that the lawn is designated as a flood plain. What happened to the money put by for it is anyone's guess.

12 Nov 2013

I wonder how long it will take for them to start? Will probably have to have about 20 meetings to decide it. Also, when it is done, I hope that they will knock that monstrocity of a bandstand down and build one that we can be proud of.

@ Andy Horse Poo is Organic and totally different to dog stuff, plus, horse poo doesn't contain toxoplasmosis that can cause blindness.

14 Aug 2013

Yes, I do visit the Warren & Bird Hide , while dodging the dog poo that hasn't been picked up. LOL.

13 Aug 2013

Dog detector vans and SaS is a great idea. Soon get the little shi poo machines off the streets and make it safe to walk across a nice grassy field without having to look down all the time to see what you are treading in.

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