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Dawlish News

What a complete and utter selfish idiot!

Thank god for that. The whole area is an eyesore and you lot are always moaning about keeping the rail open and now that work is being given the go ahead, what do you lot do? MOAN ABOUT IT! Get your heads out of your backsides and look forward to a MUCH better future for this town, with a station and area that we can be proud of, NOT ashamed of.

Well said the Cornish. It's the only language these virus spreading selfish inconsiderate pig ignorant idiots understand. Unfortunately we are in the 'Profit before peoples lives' era.

black lives matter
11 Jun 2020

@ burnside "The BBC's interpretation of "news" is very selective indeed" It was on the BBC website (yes, I know you hate the BBC) but despite what you say about the BBC, It HAPPENED. Because blacks were the culprits, Media would be afraid to report too much against them. W L M.

11 Jun 2020

Been watching the BBC news and NOTHING about blacks in Hackney beating up two police, one of which was a WPC. W L M

8 Jun 2020

OMG. I'm Traumatised. Us white English have been invaded by the Romans, the Normans, and then by William of Orange. The Romans definately made us slaves and we were slaves/servants of the Normans. Now then, let's all go round the country pulling down anything of Roman and Norman heritage as I just can't sleep. What about those poor Catholics who have to look at William of Orange's ...

7 Jun 2020

Who is George Floyd ???? A violent criminal with a rap sheet as long as the Mississippi River who likes pointing guns at pregnant women stomach’s, but hey ho he was a loving father who would do anything for his family apart from work for a living. WLM

7 Jun 2020

@DEEDOODLE That's because blacks are more responsible for gang warefare, Drug Dealing, Rioting, Looting, Racism, Violence, Hatred, Disrespect, Knife Crime, Shootings, muggings. Now, you will go and scour the news for reports of white people doing it but in real life, I rest my case. WLM

7 Jun 2020

BTW, Racism works both ways. I was spat at by black people some years ago. What was my crime? Being WHITE!

5 Jun 2020

If leatash is correct about Floyd's drug taking, passing forged currency, and resisting arrest, then yes, it IS his own fault. "Those who live by the sword, shall Die by the sword".

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