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Dawlish News

I believe that he was one of the 'official Photographers' of the carnival in 2013 and possibly 2014.

All very well and I am in favour of limits and sizes, but what I would like to know is how are they going to enforce it with the beach anglers.

Horse manure
7 Jun 2015

Hi mate. Have you enquired at any of the riding stables around? Maybe take a trip to Powderham today (take the back road) to the Dawlish Horse show (starts 0930) and possibly make yourself known to any of the owners attending. Good luck.

How sad and what a shock. Had he been ill? RIP Wally.

@Dorian . I am not 100% sure, but when the general public's safety is at stake, does it matter where these incidents happen?

4 Sep 2014

@Dorian That's all very well but how many time have we heard the phrase "We have learned some lessons from this", with regards to issues in these sort of establishments, when someone has escaped and have killed someone who is just going about their daily business. How many times has that phrase been heard on the news? Far too many.

4 Sep 2014

@ Fred. re, Human Rights Quite right Fred. It's a shame that the PC brigade and do gooders of this country don't give a thought about the human rights of their victims.

Let's see. If the area was devastated again next year, like it was this year, I wonder who they will complain to, saying the defences were not adequate?

Hijack posts? Lets see now, who started going on about party in the park in this Saturday Street Party Thread? Not me. End Of.

26 May 2014

@Mcjrpc I'm sure that all the people who volunteer their time and their services freely for this event, will be so pleased to read your sarcastic remark regarding the stage. Have you done anything to assist the day and help out to make the day better for everyone?

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