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Dawlish News

Just been to Tucks Plot and there are 7 Cygnets. Let's hope it stays like that.

24 Feb 2023

How lovely. Let's hope irresponsible dog owners don't let their dogs off leads and chase them!

That will put people off for booking next Christmas.

It's a shame that nothing is said about the men who suffer repeated violence from thier (female) wives/partners!!!

I suppose that teenage single mums with a couple of kids will be getting priority.

Had a look at it and it looks great. Well done to the sculptor.

The linked story was dated 28 June 2022!!! A bit late putting it on here.

Wasn't a by-pass proposed about 30 years ago  and the villagers said they didn't want it?

Looking after the shareholders and their dividends. All down to the Thatcher government (dictatorship) in the 80's, where Great Britain was put up for sale, inc Water, Transport, Gas, Electricity, Telecoms etc. PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE. All the industries that you all complain about but you still vote for them.

Looks like a Westland Merlin, mainly used by the Navy.

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