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Dawlish News

black lives matter
7 Jun 2020

BTW, Racism works both ways. I was spat at by black people some years ago. What was my crime? Being WHITE!

5 Jun 2020

If leatash is correct about Floyd's drug taking, passing forged currency, and resisting arrest, then yes, it IS his own fault. "Those who live by the sword, shall Die by the sword".

3 Jun 2020

Any excuse to go looting, burning and destroying businesses.

Can't wait to see it finished. It will look great.

Why not? They seem hell bent on spoiling everything  else.

More gutter filth cleared from our streets.

Even more rubbish being broadcast.

More scum off the streets. (for a while anyway)

Clarkson's new book, 'How to win friends and influence people'.

@wondering . It will never happen as we don't live up North, where all the money is going.

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