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Dawlish News

Pulpit Rock Norway. No fences as people have the sense to stay away from the edge. Yes, it sounds harsh but common sense prevails.

31 Jan 2024

As I have said before, yes, it is a tragedy but doesn't common sense tell you NOT to go to close to the edge as there is no handrail.

Ummm. Looking at the map, it could be anywhere on this planet. It would be nice to know exactly where it is.

I'm sure that a British based charity would have appreciated the money.

As I had posted before, it's a tragedy for sure, but doesn't common sense tell you NOT to go too close to the edge as there is no fence there? That wall has been like that for over a hundred(?) years, and how many people have lost their lives by falling off?


Waste of time as the 'brain dead no common sense' will still buy one for their little darlings then complain when they get hurt in an accident.

A tragedy but totally ridiculous. Doesn't common sense tell you not to go too close to the edge?

A very good turnout today on the lawn, and those watching from the Strand and footpaths. Well done everyone who was there.

I have seen a few e-scooters being ridden around as well. 1 regularly up Dawlish road Teignmouth, about 0700hrs most mornings, and another going round Sainsbury's roundabout into the new estate on Langdon old land. Aren't they illegal also?

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