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One was a clothes shop in Brunswick Place and a recruitment agency and have heard of others but cant verify.

The Environment Agency predicted flood report 2017 makes interesting reading. With sea levels due to rise dramitically someone needs to spend huge amounts to protect our towns a villages and within those predictions is severe flooding to Marsh Barton with villages like Starcross flooded on a regular basis. My belief nature will win as time is fast running out with Sea levels due to rise by 1.43 m ...

There are no jobs advertised and they have not been advertising for staff for a few months when i asked the manager why only yesterday his answer was simple they have so many folk on the books waiting for a job opportunity they dont need to advertise. Just another Dawlish whisper can you really see Sainsburys closing.

I believe the reason women are given anonymity is that a woman who is raped somehow and wrongly in my mind has a label atached to her, women who are raped get blamed for wearing the wrong clothes a typical term i have heard "she was asking for it".  Hearing men talk about women i sometimes as a man feel embarrassed at the general comments they make, maybe its time for a shift change in general ...

1 Feb 2018

A lot of rape victims withdraw there statements as the thought of a pending court case and facing there attacker is to daunting.

I dont think there is.

3 Jan 2018

Best thing to happen to Dawlish how many times have i heard that. The Strand best thing to happen to Dawlish, Cycle path best thing to happen to Dawlish, recently the new development on Tucks Plot best thing to happen to Dawlish.

Only drivers make it dangerous not the road.

28 Dec 2017

The above makes no sense are there not echelons in the road at that particular place plus if you choose to overtake you do so blind a little patience is required if you are behind a bus and the idea of that road layout is to slow down traffic.

It will all be decided on the 19th at 10am

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