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Just watching a PBS America series (last one on tomorrow night) concerning American Reconstruction after the American Civil War. Very informative about the history of black americans and white americans. No doubt though you'll be telling me that that source is also unreliable.

4 Jun 2020

As well as the literal meaning of Black Lives Matter (referring to Black people being killed simply because of the colour of their skin) there is also the wider meaning in the sense of quality of life. When white terrorists bomb a black church and kill five black children, that is an act of individual racism, widely deplored by most segments of the society. But when in that same city – ...

Childcare has been defined to exclude relatives caring for children in new coronavirus laws following the Dominic Cummings scandal.

I see from the papers that Opticians are pushing to be allowed to open up again. Makes cummings sense to me.

Have to confess that I've been distracted by the cummings and goings of national politics of late so not that familiar with what has been happening locally, politically, and as I no longer buy the Dawlish Gazette (does it still exist? Thought I read somewhere that it has ceased being) I've had no information from that source. So....what has been happening politically, locally, then?

29 May 2020

Just happened to be looking up some email addresses for our local councillors and noticed that two (Cllrs Petherick J and Petherick L) are now showing up as Independent rather than Lib Dem which was the ticket they were elected on this time last year. I know no more than that.

A major faux pas by Cummings more like.

26 May 2020

All those visitors to North Devon happened after the lock down rules were relaxed (not that they should have been relaxed in the way that they were imho). Cummings' transgression took place when we were all (or so we thought) under much tighter lockdown. At the very best he bent the rules so far that they almost snapped. He is guilty as charged of breaking two rules at least. 1. Going ...

If you are bored by this topic then the way to resolve your boredom is quite simple. Don't read the postings. #Stay Elite

You may not be angry, but the comment below sums up why what he did is of such significance. "Stuart Beer, an insurance broker from Poole, said there was no incentive for the general public to follow Government advice if officials did not "practice what they preach". He said: "Cummings helped set the rules, so he has got to abide by them. If he hasn't, he should go. If the Government are ...