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You just beat me to it Scapegoat!! I was just coming on here to ask the following with regard to these new motoring regulations. To those of you who object to them is it because; a) they have come from the EU? or b) that you don't see why driving should be made safer? or c) both of the above ?

@S - what makes you think that Brexit will be over any time soon?

End of Democracy
27 Mar 2019

Jacob R-M apparently now saying that he will back May's deal provided the DUP agree to do the same.

This is @S capegoat's description of Brexit which I love so much I'll repeat it again here. Brexit - They promised us unicorns. T hey gave us a lame donkey with an ice-cream cone on its head.

24 Mar 2019

And just look at what c**p all the Leave campaign promises have turned out to be. PS Revoke Article 50 petition just shy of 5 million as I type this. Click on this link if you would like to sign it. TAKE BACK CONTROL - REVOKE ARTICLE 50!

23 Mar 2019

I'd like to say that you couldn't make this whole Brexit c**p up. But.........

23 Mar 2019

On the matter of alleged fake signatures on the petition. I have no idea if that is true or not but if some Leave supporters have been indulging in that  then how ironic that they have been helping to bolster the numbers registered as supporting the petition. PS Great turn out in London today. Wonder if any Leave supporters were there intent on subverting but inadvertently boosting the ...

23 Mar 2019

Margaret Anne Georgiadou said she has received three death threats over the phone and had her Facebook account hacked. On Saturday morning, the petition reached well over 4,000,000 signatures and became the most signed protest in history. ... They included death threats , harassment and physical assaults. 4 hours ago Death threats made against organiser of Brexit ...

23 Mar 2019

Well it seems a lot of economists and those of similar ilk have looked at the stats and come to that conclusion. Though of course one does have to bear in mind that they are experts............

23 Mar 2019

Brexit costing UK £500M a week , study says. Brexit vote causes £26B annual loss to the UK economy, according to Centre for European Reform. The British economy is 2.5 percent smaller today than if the U.K. had voted to remain in the European Union, according to the Centre for European Reform, a think tank.30 Sep 2018 Brexit costing UK £500M a week, study says – POLITICO ...