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and then of course there was this (from March 2017) David Davis has backpedalled on his claim that a Brexit deal can deliver the “exact same benefits” as EU membership, now admitting it was little more than an ambition.

10 Apr 2019

@S you/Schneider left out The day after we vote to leave we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want. Michael Gove (9 April 2016) There will continue to be free trade, and access to the single market. Boris Johnson (26 June 2016) Getting out of the EU can be quick and easy – the UK holds most of the cards in any negotiation. John Redwood (17 ...

click on this link for how to apply but get your skates on as applications have to be in by 17th April

There are two candidates for the town council standing for election representing the new Dawlish T,mouth Road ward. One of them, Martin Heath, is standing as an Independent. Is this the same Martin Heath who has previously stood as a UKIP candidate in previous elections?

@Vicks as far as I am concerned it is Leave supporters and Leave MPs who will have to make the most of the result. They wanted it. They can sort it out.  That is of course that now having sown this havoc they don't then disappear from active service (anyone seen Dominic Cummings recently?). And I doubt very much if the likes of Farage would have stopped arguing for a second referendum if ...

29 Mar 2019

So if the 1975 referendum was so completely different in oh so many ways then claims by Leavers that the 2016 referendum was the second referendum are invalid. Two entirely different sets of circumstances. The 2016 referendum was the first one concerning our membership of the EU. The outcome was a close run thing. So close that arch Brexiter, N. Farage, anticipated that a 48/52 outcome ...

29 Mar 2019

On a 48/52 outcome I doubt very much that the 48ers would have been ignored for too long.* (Be interesting to see which hard line Brexit MPs suddenly lose their oh so principled objections to supporting May's deal when it comes to the vote in the HoC this afternoon). *The 1975 referendum outcome was 67.23% yes; 32. 77% No Quite a bit different from the much closer 48/52 outcome of ...

29 Mar 2019

@Vicks - well I'd bet my last Euro that had the result been the otherway around that Leave supporters would be pushing for another referendum.

29 Mar 2019

@Vicks - agree about the closest vote.  It wasn't deliberate cherry picking on my part rather that because of the antagonism towards a 2nd referendum/confirmatory vote it was that issue that was to the forefront of my mind and was notable because of the number of votes (the most)  the idea received when put to MPs. about a confirmatory vote on there being a UK wide customs union ...

28 Mar 2019

Then there are those who, conversely, believe the EU to be a bastion of neo-liberalism.