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Dawlish News

At the Lanherne allotments? I don't think so. Are you thinking of the Brown's Brook allotments?

11 Oct 2012

Better hurry if you are interested in applying -applications have to be in by tomorrow!

Perhaps a new road will need to be built?  Wonder how that will get funded? As you say Flo - the traffic around that area is already congested.

27 Sep 2012

When Morrison's opens, the shops in Teignmouth town centre won't know what's hit them! I guess there will be some Section 106 monies from Morrison's being paid to TDC some of which will be spent on funding the new post of Dawlish/Teignmouth Town Centre Manager. Here are the details of the job.

And near enough to all those new houses that are due to be built for people to be able to walk to work!

Although not a member of the Dawlish steering group which was heavily involved in producing the Dawlish N'bourhood Plan, along with other non steering group members I was someone who took a lot of interest in this process as threads on this website will testify. As this community involvement process rolls out throughout the rest of the country I feel sure others will see the ...

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