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Supposing, just supposing, an alternative route was built inland. I wonder just how long it would remain an 'alternative'. After all, why spend goodness knows how many thousands or millions of pounds on keeping open the coastal route when there would be an 'alternative' not needing mega amounts of money spent on it in order to keep it open.

So she is. Sorry, that bit of his post didn't register for some reason.

7 Nov 2013

Who's Val?

7 Nov 2013

I think it is the secure unit and the reasons its patients are there that causes concern. And haven't all the patients there, whatever units they are in, ended up there via the courts? So not quite your run of the mill psychiatric hospital is it? As it happens I totally agree with you Huw about people who have had mental health problems, needing to be treated to get better and then going back ...

6 Nov 2013

According to the FOI request that I believe Kenny has got the figures from the figures are based on: "....................all incidents reported where a person is absent without leave (AWOL).   This includes all incidents where a person left a unit without authorisation, irrespective of whether they left the hospital grounds, and all incidents where a person did not return from authorised leave ...

What made me smile was this paragraph: "I suspect many of those who now object are of recent origin and adopt the Nimby attitude now that they are resident in the area and attempt to dictate to long-established business and residents what can be done in the future." Does Mr Stone not know that what can be built and what cannot be built is not determined by local residents (irrespective ...

@stephen15 - Do you know where Sainsbury's is? Well, Langdon Hospital is opposite Sainsbury's, on the left hand side of the main road if travelling towards Exeter. White buildings set back a bit. Sign at entrance by main road says something like - NHS Langdon Hospital. No accident or emergency.

This letter is in today's Dawlish Gazette: " Delays bring us to a standstill Wednesday, 06 November 2013 Terence Stone, of Terence Stone Development Ltd, of Plympton, writes: We note the prominent article in the Gazette, of October 26, regarding objections to our totally justified proposal to complete the final small stage of our major development at Meadow Park, Dawlish. This ... Note that: "He was ordered to be detained indefinitely at the Langdon Hospital, Dawlish, after Judge Phillip Wassall was told that two psychiatrists rated him as a danger to the public.".

4 Nov 2013

Langdon Hospital. The elephant in the room in terms of the location of all the new housing development. There, I've said it. And I don't care how politically incorrect that might deemed to be by some. The patients at that hospital are there because they have been found guilty in our courts. They have mental health issues. How many have committed violent acts against others? ...

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