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Dawlish News

As I see it, until and unless the proposed Teignbridge Local Plan is adopted Teignbridge does not have a local plan (yes, I know that's obvious but just thought it needed saying). Therefore I suspect there will be a frenzied free for all by landowners and developers in the Teignbridge area, which of course covers Dawlish. They need to get their plans approved you see before any adopted Local Plan ...

11 Sep 2013

So much for Localism. Remember it? It was that great policy trumpeted by the Coalition when they first came to power. Local people would determine what should be and what should not be built in their locality. Ha, bloody, ha.

11 Sep 2013

This letter is in today's Dawlish Gazette: "Planning needs a change Wednesday, 11 September 2013 John Wilkinson, of Dare, of Littleweek Lane, Dawlish, writes: I refer to Peter Marsden’s letter in the Dawlish Gazette on September 4. For the last 11 years Dare has been alerting the residents of Dawlish of concerns relating to developers, land owners and inconsistencies of planning ...

11 Sep 2013

Is this the Shutterton Park development to the side and behind Sainsburys?

"does anybody on here actually use the nature reserve or visit the bird hide?" Not me. (responsible dog owner)

1 Aug 2013

But would it be the majority land owner's land should the scheme go ahead? Wouldn't the land have to be bought/leased by TDC in order for the country park scheme to become reality? Further into the article there is mention of compulsory purchase. Approx cost of the country park scheme, according to the paper, is £2.5 million. Money to come via payments from builders who will build the new ...

31 Jul 2013

it also says in the article that this project has "already hit a stumbling block" as "the majority landowner was not interested in working with the council to deliver the open space"

Museum Faces Closure
27 Jul 2013

This has recently been posted on EoD. For a limited time only look out for museum volunteers handing out vouchers for a 2 for 1 offer at the museum or pick up a voucher at the Tourist Information Centre. If you're stuck for something to do during the school holidays entry for a family of 4 is only £2.50 with the voucher (normally £5 ) and children love to see the old toys,games , dolls and ...

Wouldn't it be more effective, in terms of getting people into the town, to have used The Strand Centre?

Town Centre Accident
10 Jul 2013

And as I have said previously perhaps signs need to be put up where the railings end saying "Do Not Cross Here - Danger!" telling people to use the crossing. Better still, the railings should be extended further down towards the crossing.

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