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Surely the primary purpose of the repairs is to protect the rail line. Now, I'm not an engineer but........surely it follows that if the rail line is given greater protection than so will the properties located behind it. And whilst I appreciate there is a potential invasion of privacy issue I would have thought that protection from the sea would be the issue of primary importance by all those ...

14 Jun 2014

There is a quarter page ad in this week's Dawlish Post (see bottom page 74) concerning the proposed works. I've followed the links on the website shown in the ad and this link should take you straight to what is being proposed.

12 Jun 2014

BBC Spotlight South West are featuring this story today. Was shown this lunchtime and should be on again this evening on BBC1 after the national news.

and talking of budgets. Have a read of this and this

3 Jun 2014

Well I feel sure I am not the only one to have been making noises both publicly and privately for the need for any long term resilience work, whether sea wall improvement or breakwater or both, to have secondary functions aiding the tourist economy as well as the primary function of protection the railway from the sea.

3 Jun 2014

Letter to AMM from Network Rail dated 1st April. Therefore predated the ICE lecture which took place early May. Totally agree local people need to be involved in final decision as to how the sea is kept at bay (sorry, terrible pun). The seawall walk is integral part of Dawlish's USP. For the seawall to lose its seaviews for those walking along it would be a terrible, terrible blow not only ...

31 May 2014

@Clive - do you know  who comprises the 'stakeholders'?

30 May 2014

click on this for latest info concerning rebuild.

4 May 2014

Seems there's a fund been set up can those of us who don't have fb accounts contribute?

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