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Dawlish News

Government has said it will make an announcement concerning the future of the rail network in the south west in its Autumn statement - which usually takes place beginning of December.

11 Nov 2014

Have to say I'm not surprised. I travelled by train from Dawlish to N.Abb the other week. It was a very high tide and whilst waiting for train I could see that the waves were lapping at the sea wall and spray was going over onto the track. And the weather on that day was quite calm..............

Caught the 17.22 back to Dawlish from Exeter Central yesterday. Rush hour going home time right? Two carriages on. Reminded me of the London underground at rush hour. Thought to myself why only two carriages? Then thought, rather cynically, because two carriages cost less than three or four but can still carry the same amount of people albeit many of them having to stand. And most people would ...

Can't find anything in that link that gives any info as to how that survey was undertaken. For example, how many people were surveyed? how were they chosen? what questions were they asked? And why Dawlish?

er.........when these franchises were awarded did those putting in their tenders to run trains down here not know about the waves sometimes going over the trains issue and what effect that can have on certain types of trains?

17 Sep 2014

Perhaps someone should contact SUSTRANS and ask them? Click this link for contact details

Yes, awful awful news. Thought it was something serious though as I know someone who travelled that way about 3.30pm yesterday who told me the road was sealed off the Topsham side of Countess Wear and then someone else I know who travelled that way about 8.15pm last evening also said the road was still sealed off. Sadly a road being sealed off that length of time usually means a very serious or ...

or the Daily Express perhaps?

So the trick see if there are any older comparable homes (two bed, three bed, four bed etc) that are bigger in size and have some garden (if garden is required) that are on the market for similar or lower prices. They might be 'doer uppers' for example. Depends what people want I suppose. A brand new house (smaller room space, smaller garden) or older house with larger rooms and ...

I'll also offer my services re proof reading etc

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