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Dawlish News

Suggest also contact our Dawlish County Councillor, Martin Wrigley, as it is the County Council that is responsible for highway issues such as this.

So........when central government dictates to local government just how many new homes have to be built over a certain number of years, how is this number reached.?Do they take into account the number of actual and potential second and holiday homes in the south west?

If that playing field (The Orchard Lane site) were to be given the go ahead to be developed for housing, then the knock on effect would be to enhance any arguments that all other land put up for development in the immediate area should also be given the go ahead.  That would mean, for example, most of the (presently) open fields immediately adjacent to the Countryside Park being developed. Is ...

Well, I guess there are buyers 'out there' otherwise the developers wouldn't build the houses, would they? At the moment (and it has been this way for sometime) the only way affordable homes get built is by way of developers having to provide a certain number of affordable homes per number of open market homes they build.  No open market homes = no affordable housing. * And the developers ...

16 Jul 2021

Click on this link and scroll down to see where Area 3 is. You'll see it is located between the Gatehouse Farm area and the land where Persimmon are building.  So seems like it is Secmaton Farm. Going back quite some years I seem to remember that a CPO (compulsory purchase order) had to be threatened in ...

16 Jul 2021

"The project could be delayed as the land necessary has to be negotiated with landowners. But the cabinet heard that one of the five owners of the site have told the district council they no longer wish to sell for development." Which one of the owners would that be then? Article says it is the land known as Area 3.

@Cassandra - yes I know. But that doesn't mean there isn't any demand for them - which is the point I am trying to make about the housing that gets built not necessarily being the housing that is needed/wanted. @FredBassett - not sure how local people can be defined as living in Bristol and Birmingham. Here's an extract from the newspaper article referred to in the first post on this ...

2 Jul 2021

So what is needed then is the right type of homes, the right number of homes, in the right place(s) and at a truly affordable cost. Which is precisely what we won't get under the present home building system. Also, we need incentives for those who are underoccupying their homes to move to smaller properties. Howzabout a stamp duty holiday for those aged, say, 55plus who are looking to ...

And oh wouldn't it be such a delicious irony if the value (quite literally) of the ransom strip was effectively wiped out by this recently approved housing scheme going ahead (being built by Templar Homebuild Ltd I believe) and achieving access from a different aspect (albeit at the cost of a 300 year old oak tree.)

16 Apr 2021

And a quick online search reveals the following: Broseley was sold to Trafalgar House in 1987 and integrated into Ideal Homes. Ideal Homes was sold to Persimmon in 1996. Ergo.......?

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