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What was causing it? Sounded like something was being rhythmically bashed against something else by waves.

Dawlish Community Larder Helping Dawlish is aware that some people are self-isolating or are still being impacted by the effects of the lockdown on their finances, families, businesses, mental and physical health and may require support. The food bank (which operated until July) has become a community larder which can support people in immediate need of food whether due to a medical need or ...

6 Nov 2020

Need support? Like to volunteer? Need a food parcel? Phone 07584 052306 (phone line not operated 24 hours but will respond asap.)

So I asked a leader of a local council what the situation was/is with regard to these new fangled Street Marshals given as I am led to understand that local councils will be responsible for them and this is what I was told: "As you appreciate, the Government made its announcement late last week. As far as I am aware there is no Government funding for Covid Street Marshalls. ...

13 Sep 2020

@Brooklyn Bridge - and her responses were?

11 Sep 2020

Has the number of police officers in Devon and Cornwall decreased or increased over the past 10 years? If so, by how many and in which way (increased or decreased)? Our law abiding (ahem!) prime minister promised 20,000 new police officers when he took office some 14 months ago, This figure was repeated again in the Conservative party December 2019 General Election manifesto. Has Devon and ...

11 Sep 2020

Yes I think it would be good to have a police office in the town. And on the subject of a visible presence of law enforcement officers: Perhaps another issue you could raise with her is this new government initiative of Covid Street Marshalls. Like - Who will be recruiting them? How will they be recruited? What powers will they have? How many is it thought will be needed? How will they be ...

According to the press it was a bomb hoax

Plans approved

Plans approved

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