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As you say jc, rumour. The Lawn, Sandy Land playing fields, and other bits of green land in Dawlish are designated as part of the Green infrastructure of Dawlish in the Local Plan. As long as they remain designated as such they cannot be built on. The new countryside park is also in the Local Plan (it was originally going to be on the the sea side of Warren Road -remember the fuss ...

20 Aug 2017

Well, as there are already houses on that side of Shutterton Lane the precedent has already been set for development and as the Redrow site development goes right up to the other side of Shutterton Lane I can see an argument being put forward that to build on the countrypark side would just be a logical urban extension. On top of that, the Countryside Park land, although paid for by developers, ...

20 Aug 2017

As I understand it, the reason we had to have this new country park is due to environmental legislation that orginated from the EU. When we leave the EU what bits of EU legislation gets kept as UK legislation and which does not, will be up for grabs. So.........if it were to be decided that the environmental legislation that meant that park had to be created in the first place was to no ...

Famous? mini golf course

Is what happens (or not) on the lawn the concern/responsibility of the town council?

I'd say it was more a case of a Subway opening in Dawlish provided someone is prepared to take on a Subway franchise (as opposed to Subway itself definitely intending to open a branch in Dawlish).

Unless it's been altered (and I don't think it has) the Local Plan for Dawlish shows that  there is  to be a green 'corridor' betweeen the Gatehouse developments and the development at the Langdon Hospital site.

18 Jul 2017

Where should the green space at the Secmaton Lane development be?

and the traffic chaos then continued after Little Mix performance.

14 Jul 2017

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