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Isn't this 'old' news?

I thought the financial mess of some 10 years ago (but still with us now) started over Stateside with the advent of sub prime mortgages. There is a very good film (well I think so) that covers this time in the States. If those interested in how the US financial whizz kids caused all this I would highly recommend watching The Big Short.

1 Nov 2017

@Calamari - usually the finger of blame is pointed at the last Labour government and/or the  EU.

Even though only 680 residents responded, given what is being claimed from that figure (that 77% of Dawlish residents are in support of there being a playpark on the lawn) I think it is important that we have a breakdown of how those 680 residents answered the questions. For example, if I had participated in the questionnaire and had voted  Yes to question 1 and Yes to question 3 would my ...

23 Sep 2017

If that is the case why isn't that information in the public domain? Or, if it is, where is it?

23 Sep 2017

and another thing that I don't understand about the figures is this; we keep being told that 680 residents responded. But where has this 680 figure come from? I ask because if you add up the number of responses to question 1, question 2 and question 3 (see my post dated 22.9.17 @ 15.44)  then the numbers are 571, 551 and 561 respectively.

22 Sep 2017

Well, that depends doesn't it. I mean, I am sure that those in the town who wish for there to be a playpark on the lawn would say that the town council has indeed listened to, and acted on, what they want/need. Conversely, and staying on the same subject, if the proposal for a playpark had been voted down then those, or some of those, who wish for there to be a playpark on the lawn would ...

22 Sep 2017

Which begs the question: why was there no question asking if people wanted a playpark anywhere on the lawn? Does the answer lie at the Civic Amenities Committee meeting held in June 2016 perhaps? At this meeting it was agreed by those present that the recommendation of the Town Center Development Manager for there to be a playpark on the lawn should be approved and recommended to the ...

22 Sep 2017

And who decided which questions should be asked? The town council did! (From the minutes of the town council meeting held 7th September 2016) The town council approved the following three questions for inclusion in the survey at its meeting held on 14 July 2016: 1. Do you want a Play Park on the Top Lawn between the bandstand and the bowling green in Dawlish Town Centre? 2. ...

22 Sep 2017

Quite. Except that perhaps it should have been the very first question to be asked. I can only imagine that this 77% figure has been reached by adding the 'Yes' % from question 1 (60%) with the 'Yes' % from question 3 (17%). " Lies, damned lies, and statistics " is a phrase describing the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments . ...

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