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Dawlish News

@FB can you give us all some links so that we can all read  about these backhanders that developers give to councils. Thanks

From the report it seems that Cllrs Clemens,Hockin, Mayne and Wrigley are talking about the countryside park. Cllr Gordon Hook, Leader of the Lib Dems at TDC, seems to be the one who is confused as as he talks about the car park at Dawlish Warren. It doesn't help that the article shows pictures of the Dawlish Warren car park. As DM says - it's Devon live that has got its wires crossed.

I agree that not everyone has computer access or knowledge and even if they do it doesn't follow that they do online banking. But, it seems that many do. Hence the drop in face to face transactions.  It is the old adage. If you don't use it, you'll lose it. Why is a commercial decision taken by the bank anything to do with the council? (and which council are we talking about here? town council? ...

18 Apr 2018

So might all this online banking and shopping be aiding and abetting the demise of town centres? More than likely I think.  And if that is the way of things now (which it seems it is) then I think it is pretty obvious why town centres aren't as vibrant as they used to be. (online shopping along with out of town supermarkets and shopping areas that provide free parking).

18 Apr 2018

All the more reason for there to be something else in the town centre that will attract visitors to it. And I totally agree that a playpark on the lawn will not be the answer. Dawlish town centre now needs a unique selling point more than ever. Look to what Flo has suggested on another thread. I wonder what will replace the bank in that building? Perhaps it could become that drop in ...

Just imagine how this country's balance of payments might benefit if we could just but export all this excess rainwater of ours to more arid climes.

DCC announcement
16 Apr 2018

Has he got another job?

@majorp - click on the link that dm posted at the very beginning of this thread - that shows who has applied for the licence. @leatash - i expect it is open. the issue is whether or not a licence to serve alcohol has been/will be granted. click on the link that dm posted for details.

11 Apr 2018

Anyone know if this application has been granted?

7 Mar 2018

See this - section 3

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