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Dawlish News

Nice to know Ziggy that both EU and your dog enjoy going there.

Both TDC and DCC have been, and are, involved with the Heart of the South West's Brexit Resilience and Opportunities Group which is undertaking research into some of the potential issues and impacts of Brexit. I am told that this work is being undertaken in partnership with the Local Enterprise Partnership and other local councils across Devon, Somerset, Plymouth and Torbay. Here's a link for ...

24 Aug 2018

I wonder if all those ex pat (British immigrant) retirees in the EU will have a sense of humour if their UK pensions cannot be paid into their EU bank accounts?

In the event of a No Deal Brexit perhaps TDC will put it back to being food producing land? Allotments perhaps?

23 Aug 2018

It exists courtesy of environmental legislation originating from the EU.

I asked Devon County Council what Brexit impact assessments it has made thus far and from the assessments what, if any, contingency plans. This is part of the answer which I received today. "To date, DCC has not conducted “impact assessments” as such as the form that Brexit will take has been very uncertain, so judging any impacts is currently very difficult. However, DCC is monitoring ...

17 Aug 2018

see article back page of this week's Dawlish Post. (plus adjacent article concerning food and Brexit)

@FredBasset howabout your giving a rest your claiming things but then not providing any evidence of your claims? And no-one, but no-one, makes you or anyone else read what I write. If you find it boring just ignore it and don't read it.

7 Jul 2018

@FB can you give us all some links so that we can all read  about these backhanders that developers give to councils. Thanks

From the report it seems that Cllrs Clemens,Hockin, Mayne and Wrigley are talking about the countryside park. Cllr Gordon Hook, Leader of the Lib Dems at TDC, seems to be the one who is confused as as he talks about the car park at Dawlish Warren. It doesn't help that the article shows pictures of the Dawlish Warren car park. As DM says - it's Devon live that has got its wires crossed.

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