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A No Deal  hard Brexit for you then? With all the consequences that such a scenario would bring? Perhaps people and businesses need to start thinking through just what that might mean. "amidst all of the technical detail, we understand that real livelihoods are at stake."

28 Aug 2018

Maybe she no longer cares. Country before party and all that. And a lot of information about the consequences of Brexit have come to light since June 2016

28 Aug 2018

The nearest candidate to Sarah Wollaston in the 2017 general election was the Labour candidate whose total vote was some 13,000 behind that of SW. SW had more votes cast for her than all the other candidates added together.

27 Aug 2018

It most certainly does! and here's a Tory Cllr who had something to say along similar lines

27 Aug 2018

Liberal Democrats across the Newton Abbot constituency have selected Martin Wrigley as their candidate to become the next MP for the Parliamentary seat, which extends from Ipplepen to Kenton, including Teignmouth, Dawlish, Kingsteignton and Newton Abbot.

This is Exeter City Council's take on Brexit. Brexit and Exeter The risks Despite Exeter’s resilience and growth in recent years Brexit is a cause for concern. Exeter has very strong ties with the EU market, with 70% of current exports heading to EU countries. Research suggests that as a result of Brexit, Exeter will be the most affected area in Devon & Somerset: A ‘soft’ ...

Nice to know Ziggy that both EU and your dog enjoy going there.

Both TDC and DCC have been, and are, involved with the Heart of the South West's Brexit Resilience and Opportunities Group which is undertaking research into some of the potential issues and impacts of Brexit. I am told that this work is being undertaken in partnership with the Local Enterprise Partnership and other local councils across Devon, Somerset, Plymouth and Torbay. Here's a link for ...

24 Aug 2018

I wonder if all those ex pat (British immigrant) retirees in the EU will have a sense of humour if their UK pensions cannot be paid into their EU bank accounts?

In the event of a No Deal Brexit perhaps TDC will put it back to being food producing land? Allotments perhaps?

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