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"The impact of EU law varies from sector to sector. In many areas - public order, crime, defence, health - EU laws have minimal impact. But in others - workers' rights, trade - the impact is much greater because the single market and the free movement of workers are at the heart of what the EU is about. The way we organise our NHS is not." From: ...

9 Sep 2018

Dover District Council and Kent County Council have both independently suggested that a plan for a 13-mile Brexit lorry park on the southbound M20 motorway could be needed for four years or more.

7 Sep 2018

Seeing as you've mentioned it. Operation Yellowhammer: 'No-deal' Brexit plans leaked Sky News 17 hours ago Operation Yellowhammer: Leaked 'no-deal' Brexit details are quite revealing Sky News 10 hours ago Prepare for cuts under no-deal Brexit, Treasury tells Whitehall in ...

4 Sep 2018

We import about 50% of our food and Brexit will mess up our food imports quite a chunk of which comes in from the EU. But we don't need Brexit to address the issue of food wastage . Brexit may well bring us a food shortage .  You have to have the food in the first instance in order to waste it. I wonder how Joe and Josephine public will react when they see the empty shelves in the ...

4 Sep 2018

Ah! Got it now! Brexit is all about not wasting food! PS Where did you get those statistics from? You haven't given your source.

4 Sep 2018

Well, I am taking whatever measures I can that I think might be necessary in case of a catastrophic hard Brexit. What preparations for Brexit others decide to do, or not, is entirely up to them. Food- a link here concerning Cornish food production. But I suspect similar stories can be found from around the whole of the UK Brexit leaves Cornwall fruit farmers struggling to find ...

4 Sep 2018

Saw it today for the first time. It is on the right hand side if travelling towards Exeter, just past the turning that goes down to Cofton Holiday Park. as you say @flo - it does look nasty and hope whoever was in it is okay.

3 Sep 2018

Road clear now. Police on the scene and directing traffic on alternating one way flow when I went out in the Exeter direction this morning about 10.00am. The cars were virtually opposite where the countryside park entrance/exit is.

She changed her mind! (people do you know )

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