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Dawlish News

It's a long eared owl.

24 Nov 2018

Enlighten me. (I've read that they are used to scare off other birds but if that is the case why that particular telegraph pole and no others. It just seems such a random thing to do).

23 Nov 2018

A fake owl has suddenly appeared on the top of a telegraph pole near the junction of Lower Drive and Henty Avenue. Why? and

Cllr Prowse: “ ...............There had been a misunderstanding with the inclusion of Holcombe Beach and the Ness Beach being included in the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) and it had been confirmed that they would not be.” Cllr Clemens :”.........TDC  Executive. Approval was given for the writing of the Public Spaces Protection Order for the Control of Dogs in Teignbridge. We have ...

10 Nov 2018

See the letters page (71) and also page 3 of this weekend's Dawlish Post. One letter is from the Chairman of Teignmouth Traders' Association saying that the proposals would have an adverse effect on trade in the town. Have Dawlish town centre/Dawlish Warren traders any thoughts on this matter, I wonder?

9 Nov 2018

Click here and scroll down to agenda item 8 pages 5-20.

7 Nov 2018

On the matter of the three Community Environment Wardens - I've read that they only work Mon-Fri.

7 Nov 2018

If you have concerns/wish to comment about this new Public Space Protection Order then you can make them known to the person shown below. I understand that the matter is still up for debate/discussion and will be on the agenda at the next TDC Overview and Scrutiny committee meeting being held on Monday 19th November where any comments from the public concerning this new PSPO will be brought to the ...

6 Nov 2018

To answer some of my own questions. It seems that: The three Community Environment Wardens employed by TDC will undertake the role of enforcement. (Yes, that's right - 3 people for the whole of Teignbridge are to enforce this). and investigations will be made to see if the Dawlish water fowl wardens would also be able to enforce these new regs. from: ...

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