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Cassandra's Posts

Thanks Lynne, but judging from previous experience with work being carried out in the area, there is a vast difference between what is promised by developers and planners and what actually occurs once planning permission is granted.

5 Sep 2020

No doubt this will add to the traffic problems at this end of the town.

Bridge House
25 Aug 2020

Heard this rumour a few months back. No doubt it will be made into flats and add to the traffic congestion around the Church Street/Weech Road/Badlake Hill area.

Old people !
20 Aug 2020

Whether he's right or not (and for the record, I don't think he is), he is a nasty, rude individual whatever age he might be.

Well, I just hope that if anything happens to these non-compliant people, they blame themselves for not following the rules and don't start whingeing about it being everybody else's fault.

At least we're more polite than the Cornish!

Will we ever see it built in our lifetime?

What we need is for people to behave in a responsible manner and not act in a way that defies all the rules of civilised behaviour. I won't say they're like pigs because even those animals would not wallow in their own filth like this lot do. Are these the same people, I wonder, who are berating the older generation for ruining the environment?

Hedges should be left alone in the bird nesting season. There is legislation for this.

On Facebook, Devon & Cornwall police are asking people to report breaches of their instructions to STAY AT HOME. So if you know of anyone who's done just that , dob them in for all our sakes.