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More bird-watching at Dawlish Warren Nature & Wildlife Reserve, Dawlish: With the reserve being a major site for wading and migratory birds, thousands of birds head to the site to feed. There are also 600 different types of flowering plants. See more...

You've been busy Paul, making snow people i mean!

FLOODING in Dawlish during Storm Emma was mainly caused by a piece of plastic blocking a drain, town councillors were told Read more...

Taken at 3.15 pm today

Great pics DEEDOODLE thanks for sharing.

Exeter Road
12 Mar 2018

Just been told by one of the workman they hope to finish in two weeks time. People living along the Exeter Road had letters saying the work would generally be undertaken between the hours of 07:hrs and 22:00hrs (Monday to Sunday)

12 Mar 2018

Not much going on at the moment, quite a few workman arrived but nothing started. I was talking to a lorry driver on Saturday waiting to unload and he wasn't very happy he said he was told to be there at 7am (the time work was supposed to start) and no one turned up until 9am it was then 12.noon and work just about to begin.

10 Mar 2018

The road is open but traffic moving even slower. The condition of the road is realy bad. I was told on Friday by one of the workman there had been lots of problems including the leveling of the road and then the snow. He said they hoped to start tarmacing on Monday but can't see that happening now.

Pics 3rd March 2018
3 Mar 2018

thank you @Diana Mond

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