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General Discussion

Just come back from a relaxing walk.

Volunteers needed. Volunteer Evening Wednesday 4th July 7pm. Dawlish Sports Bar, Sandy Lane.

Car Boot Sale
18 Jun 2018

At last they have arrived to cut the grass along the Exeter Road. I think the blower is blowing the grass cuttings down the drains

VITAL public consultations on the future look and feel of Teignbridge got under way this week with tens of thousands of people being asked to air their views in the first stage review of the district’s Local Plan. Read more...

Bastins still to let
27 May 2018

Events in Teignmouth, Dawlish Warren and Dawlish will be held to raise awareness of the environmental issues caused by drinking straw Read more...

Great pics DEEDOODLE

An interesting artical in this months Saga magazine. Cycling on a pavement or public footpath is forbidden in the UK, but it's legal on a towpath or bridleway. Cyclists are advised to give way to pedestrians and horse riders, though, as a matter of safety and courtesy. There is no legal requirement for a bicycle to be fitted with a bell or horn, giving a warningby calling out is sufficient. ...

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