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Sea Wall
16 May 2015

Now about the sea wall! Just been talking to another security guard after i heard him mention next summer to someone and told him what i had been told yesterday and the latest is They have the casing for the steps but can't find anyone to make them. Not sure if this is a joke.

There is much to be done to finish what we have started in the south west which, with my fellow MPs, we have truly put on the map. Read more...

Sea Wall
15 May 2015

I have just been told by one of the workman the sea wall is finished. They now have two sets of steps to put in place one each end to enable access to the beach. He said the wall will be open for the summer.

Coryton Cove
7 May 2015 new catering wagon in place

You can buy one of these for just £675,000 !

Tomorrow - Sunday 26th April Dawlish United under 13 girls are playing in their first ever Cup Final. The game kicks off at 10:30am on the mini-soccer pitch next to Dawlish Leisure Centre. The girls would love support from the Dawlish Locals so why not come and cheer them on

An update on the building. See more pics..

Congratulations to Michael and Bob, you will be missed by many. You have worked so hard for the people of Dawlish.

@Lynne there was me thinking the zip wire thing was an april fool.

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