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General Discussion

Storm Damaged
3 Jan 2016

This has been damaged by the sea, shame as it's only been there a few weeks.

Dawlish Brook Today
30 Dec 2015

More pics:

It's amazing. Just added a few pics from the opposite side.

Merry Christmas
24 Dec 2015

A very happy Christmas to you webmaster, keep up the good work. A very merry Christmas to everyone who post on and a happy, healthy and peaceful 2016.

Good to see another shop opening in The Strand.

Christmas Day Lunch
14 Dec 2015

If you know of someone who will be on their own on Christmas Day remind them of the Christmas dinner at The Strand Church. The dinner will be at noon and lifts can be arranged if needed.There is no cost for the meal, but donations can be made on the day to Christian Aid. Waitrose and Dawlish Rotary are supporting this event. For more information contact 01626 889098

There is a sign at the bottom of the Charlton steps, but none at the bottom of the Rockstone steps so if you approach the beach via those steps you would be oblivious to the warnings. I did see a cyclist riding on the wall towards Dawlish from the Warren so thought maybe  no signs at the Warren, as i past Red Rock i saw this one.

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