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Just spotted this on my walk today.

Just been for a lovely walk along the beach to Dawlish Warren,got as far as the new wall and the tide was in so didn't get to use the new steps. more pics...

AN IDEA put forward by Chancellor George Osborne to improve railways links has left city politicians scratching their heads, with Plymouth's leader left asking - "What is he talking about? "People are correctly focused on the Dawlish line but we want to make sure those other links within Devon and Cornwall are strong and growing and have new trains " he told The Herald. Read more... ...

I agree with roberta. I thought there was going to be one by the new Buntings Estate, i,m sure i remember it being in the original plans.

Some great pictures.

Lots going on today on the lawn and then the Air Show with the amazing Vulcan Bomber.

2016 take a look
18 Aug 2015

The new All you can eat Diner will be closed until futher notice due to a fire thismorning.

@OurSoul . i was told the 15th. be interesting to see who will be opening it.

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