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Christmas Day Lunch
14 Dec 2015

If you know of someone who will be on their own on Christmas Day remind them of the Christmas dinner at The Strand Church. The dinner will be at noon and lifts can be arranged if needed.There is no cost for the meal, but donations can be made on the day to Christian Aid. Waitrose and Dawlish Rotary are supporting this event. For more information contact 01626 889098

There is a sign at the bottom of the Charlton steps, but none at the bottom of the Rockstone steps so if you approach the beach via those steps you would be oblivious to the warnings. I did see a cyclist riding on the wall towards Dawlish from the Warren so thought maybe  no signs at the Warren, as i past Red Rock i saw this one.

Good to see the market so busy. One of the many favourites See more:

From last weeks Dawlish Gazette:" Killer to be held indefinitely at Langdon" A freed killer who was receiving treatment in the community in Exeter risked the lives of shoppers by starting a fire at the Debenhams store in Princesshay. He had a ten-year-long history of offending and was jailed for 42 months in 2007 for manslaughter after he injected a fellow heroin user with a fatal dose. ...

Will be at the Barton Car Park Saturday 21st November 9.30am - 15.30pm See more...

Yes Lynne.

15 Nov 2015

I thought these had already been let.

Ok sorry, sure the link was posted, seems to have disappeard.

10 Nov 2015

Devon and Cornwall Police have received reports relating to a professionally run national scam. This has led to many vulnerable people, who are often elderly

Hopefully these signs with help people to understand how to behave! See more pics:

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