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General Discussion

Boat Cove - Dawlish Coastguard were called to the area of Boat Cove in Dawlish this evening around 9pm to a report of people in the water. On attendance 3 males were found in the sea. They had attempted to take a small boat out to Shell Cove during the hours of darkness when the boat they were in started to take on water and sink. All 3 were rescued by Coastguard volunteers and taken safely ...

Land for sale
15 Aug 2016

Anyone fancy buying a bit of land? See more...

When Michael Clayson was on Dawlish Council he was brilliant at getting things done. He was the one who got the seats replaced on the green behind the Rockstone Flats and the ones overlooking the sea also the ones opposite the Charlton Flats. He was very approachable and nothing was too much trouble.

Carnival Week
13 Aug 2016

Lovely weather for the start of Carnival Week, lots of people on the lawn today. Wishing everyone who organised and helped in anyway a very successful week. More pics...

The brook along Tucks Plot

Still Empty
31 Jul 2016

I thought this was going to be a cycle hire place?

It was open today when i walked to the Warren.

Sandy Lane
30 Jul 2016

I think the hedge is in need of a cut.

Some of the displays are the work of Dawlish Community College.

As someone suggested in todays Dawlish Gazette a good place would be where The Piazza is also to demolish the huts and part of the flower beds.

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