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007's Posts

If Tesco start building a store now I doubt it would open to help during this sumer. But at least it would help keep up with demand in subsequent years.

16 Feb 2012

So Sainsbury's has been great for Dawlish, but to have another store as well would be desirable.

12 Feb 2012

Yep Wriggler that is an excellent idea.

11 Feb 2012

Just been to Sainbury's to get beer for the rugby later on. So very packed it was horrendous. Be great to have another store to ease overcrowding on weekends. I can't see any reason whatsoever to not want a Tesco supermarket in Dawlish.

11 Feb 2012

I went out for a few beers last night in Dawlish, me and my mates had a great time. I really do like living in Dawlish. Thanks to all the Landlords and bar staff for providing some brilliant weekend entertainment. I can't wait to do it all again!

10 Feb 2012

Tesco is better than Sainsbury's, everything is just done slightly better, so the overall effect is noticeable. better trolleys better lay out better positioning of the little bags for the fruit trolley wiping cloths provided much better alcohol section Little things that go mostly unnoticed.

10 Feb 2012

How can a few little shops in town be better than having another store like Sainsbury's. It is so good now that we have Sainsbury's, should've been done many years ago.

10 Feb 2012

Tesco would be good for Dawlish. If not why not?

10 Feb 2012

As expected, very constructive!

10 Feb 2012

Sainsbury's has been a great success for Dawlish. Providing late opening. employment for local people. more choice locally. reduced journey times. etc. We should invite Tesco to open a similar store in Dawlish as it would provide more of the above. With many town shops closing the extra employment will be desperately needed. Plus Sainsbury's is so packed on Saturdays, having ...