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On a recent flight on a clear day from Exeter to Newcastle, I couldn’t help but think about this topic, whilst flying over square mile after square mile of open and unspoilt countryside. We don’t have a problem with our green and pleasant land. We really don’t. Don’t just take my word for it, the statistics prove it also. Less than 13 square miles of green space development a year is a drop in the ...

14 Jun 2018

Increased from 2,105 hectares of land in 2013, to 3,332 hectares of land in 2017.

Dogs on Lawn plus.
12 Jun 2018

@DEEDOODLE i kindly ask that you please don’t drag yet another important thread down. thank you.

11 Jun 2018

Hopefully dogs will be banned from the Lawn which, given the recent attack on our Swans, will surely have the support of most people in the town? Hopefully, anyway.

A lot of good thoughts have been collated there. It seems that the Working Group are doing a good job so far - fair play to them.

8 Jun 2018

Thank you Lynne.

House of Faser
7 Jun 2018

That’s right Flo. Was originally Dingles, before HoF took them over.

Ooh look. My impersonator has escaped from their carer! Matron! i wonder if it’s the same sad person who posts videos of cyclists whilst logged on as Youtube username DMOND? Hey Deedoodle/Purrrfect/ALLEMS???

2 Jun 2018

Shopping (like life) is more than about “saving” a mere quid or two. I don’t want soul-less “one-click” shopping. I want a shopping experience. I want to interact with real people. People who love the products that they help customers to buy. People who understand the products that they help customers to buy. People I trust and can be on first name terms with. The high street offers us so ...

The population of Syria is 46,000? Well I never! >People have legitimate concerns over the Teignbridge Local Plan. >Somehow the fault of immigrants.