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deadpan's Posts

I always thought there was a close relationship between the two. Tehresa Maysay's stop back biting. Mrs May will tell ministers they must keep their discussions private. When will the tanks come onto our streets?

Lynne, Nowt! It looks very nice and I think the arch is especially attractive. Pity they had to place the telegraph pole where it is. But as for it's practicallity, it's rubbish. I have already seen many a folk struggling to get up those steps and many more struggling to get down. Oh! I forgot to mention, no way up or down for mobility scooters andquite difficult for those with push chairs.

leatash: It was also argued that there is no such thing as free parking – someone has to pay for it, whether through upkeep and maintenance or through the opportunity cost of the space itself. Not quite true.(Patrick Troy CEO of the BPA) but he would say that wouldn't he, he has members to look after and he will say anthing to please his members. If I owned a piece of land and allowed free ...

16 Jul 2017

WI see than Dawlish has been declared a Fairtrade Town. Who decided that? what evidence is there that it is?

leatash, I did not say free all of the time, there are ways and means of differentiating one part of a car park from the other part. There are zones everywhere on street in Exeter. You can get a permit to park in one zone but not in any of the others. A simlar system could be applied in the Barton car park, Note I said similar system). It seems to me that if you can get 1/2hr free parking in the ...

13 Jul 2017

In reply to leatash. Whatever time limit 1hr or 1/2hr, you would take a ticket from the machine and place it on your dash. If you over-run the time, you would expect to get a ticket, but I would expect that those who are visiting the surgery, to be able to get an over-run ticket from the surgery should that be the case. And, ANPR cameras are not allowed to be used in local authority car parks. ...

12 Jul 2017

I have challenged some councillors on why there is no free parking for those that attend the doctors, hospital or the chemist. Councillor Rosalind Prowse's reason was the worst of the lot. If she is a contributor to this site, perhaps she would give her reason's why those that visit the doctors, hospial or the chemist, should have to pay, even if it is only to pick up a script, Then everyone will ...