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Dawlish News

I forgot to say," I do all my banking on line as do many others" Less customers on foot is the reason for many closures for all busineses. The billionaires of this world started it and it will continue. If there was no internet, we would not be talking to each other on this site.

18 Apr 2018

To me, this is old news. I was told before Xmas what was going to happen, but I promised I would not leak it. But it is nice to know my contact was right. Flo, Securicor provide a secure money collection service. Coop, Harrisons, Lloyds, The cafe under the station to name but a few. Did you know that one of these collection services, collect money from parking meters in Exeter, and ...

Yes Lynne, I saw it was Mike and Marilyn Bailey, but is it known as Bailey's or should it be known as Seabreeze? If someone was looking for Bailey's where would they find it? Perhaps a few more  signs saying Bailey's is now called Seabreeze could be dotted around Dawlish.

11 Apr 2018

Is this topic about Seabreeze formerly known as Baileys. Will the licening authority be looking at an application from Baileys or should they be looking at an application from the newly named Seabreeze. Now if the applicant was named as the owner then we could be seeing something new. For instaance, the Railway Inn behind this establishment has just reopened, is the licence in the name of ...

And this is Dawlish

Only a few were cancelled, the disruption was kept to a minimum. 4 trains I believe were involved. Nature rules.

I find some drivers are too impatient. When there is a queue of traffic, drivers tend to get too close to the vehicle in front of them and can only therefore see the rear of the vehicle in front of them. If they were to hang back a little they could observe more of what is going on up ahead. If drivers were to pay attention, they would know that the traffic is slowing down or even stopping. As for ...

15 Mar 2018

Why is it so well known as CRIMEbrook. Well word has it that many of the houses there are bought with funny money and then rented out. I am also told that out of the 1500 houses built there so far, almost 50% are bought with funny money then rented out. If you were a drugs tycon, would you want to live there? - I doubt it. The ill gotten gains will be spent on more luxurious accomodation. Imagime ...

15 Mar 2018

With so much land already given planning permission at Crimebrook, one would think they would have built more hoses on this land. But so far over five years, only 300 houses have been built per annum. What is stopping them building at a faster rate?

Stupid remarks abound on this site from different people. Some people can only learn the hard way, but that's not my fault. They need a rude awakening. Did Calamari ask himself whether or not polution would occur if the engine was running in a stationary position, whether there was anyone in the car or not. Write 1000 lines, "I must not leave my engine running whilst stationary".

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