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Dawlish News

A man who spoke with a forked tongue.

Mispent youth. They are everywhere but adults ignore them until something serious happens - to late then. And to answer Ziggy, the parents are probably pissed and don't care.

Prince Harry & Meghan
20 May 2018

The Beeb are doing what they do to these events - milk it. For those interested it is on BBC now. But I pressed the off button.

19 May 2018

Just another wedding!!!!!!

How many are aware of the worst crime of all when it comes to dog sh1t. Picking it up and then lobbing the bag of sh1t into the trees. The rain can fill the bag with water and then you get a shower of dog sh1t liquid disguised as rain landing on you if you happen to be walking under the hanging bags. Where is the mentality of those that do such things? The trees of the woodland opposite ...

3 May 2018

Am I being cynical or is there a crane lift nerby.

People ought to visit Betfred. Free cuppa/tea or coffee with or without and even a chioce of no suger instead a sweetner. Sometimes ther are snacks and biscuits. I believe the same goes for Harrisons. Why people pay humungous prices for a cuppa in the cafe's is beyond me. Oh! I am gradually taken my pennies away from Lloyds already. Both Lloyds Bank and TSB will remain part of Lloyds ...

I saw drinking going on outside of Seabreeze the other night. Does this mean the licence WAS granted?

Debenhams profits slump by a hefty 84%

18 Apr 2018

Taking a broader outlook on what might happen-I don,t know, But it doesn't look very good. I have been told that many cafe's are closing in Exeter, could the same soon be happening in places like Dawlish. What attracts people to Exeter now? Add the price of a parking ticket to your shopping and it becomes quite an expensive place to shop. Places like Primark are doing well but the likes of ...

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