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Dawlish News

7 Jul 2018

Now that England has progressed this far, does anyone know where I can buy a waistcoat at a discounted price?

Well Fred Basset, If more attention was given to what your councils/officers get up to, then we may all see a clear and level playing field. Most people moan like hell when something smacks them in the face but do nothing about it. Shareholders are the name of the game when it comes to over priced accommodation. And by that I mean companies that offer highly priced to rent housing and housing for ...

And not all of them are live - they couldn't afford to do that. So today Cowley Bridge road is alive and maybe Topsham Road is dead. Tomorrow they liven up somewhere else and kill off a live one. Nowing which is alive and which is dead is the problem. So we must assume they are all alive unless you know how to tell the dead ones.

In vestigation on going as no train driver reported a hit.

Freemasons in Dawlish
11 Jun 2018

If elvis did not go, he would not know what the truth is. He claims it is an honorable organisation, but how does he know that? Dangling a few carrots here and there to lead the donkeys, is not the only thing they do. Strange also that the starter of this topic has not reported back as to how well the recruitment drive went .

11 Jun 2018

elvis presley, why would I need to go? And did you go, if not why not?

11 Jun 2018

Another topic that has lost interest. Did anyone from this forum go to get the truth?

10 Jun 2018

That is the good side, what about the other side that is kept under wraps?

3 Jun 2018

If you are not going to tell us the truth on this site, then maybe all you are doing to get people to come along is a recruitment drive. I had heard that numbers are dwindling in many lodges. I did ask in my post, "What is the purpose of Freemasonary?". I should have said, "What is the Common Purpose?". Or are you claiming you have not heard of it?

3 Jun 2018

What is the truth? Why do we have to come along to a meeting to discover what it is. My question has always been, "what is the purpose of Freemasonary?".

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