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Dawlish News

Good init. Don't use face book so that link won't work for me and I suspect others as well.

I saw them closer to Dawlish than that. Swimming close by the viaduct jetty one morning last week, but there were only three.

@Laurahollycasey , this town like many others are full of people who do not get the facts right. if they don't know something, they will make it up. The body they found in the toilets is rife with who it is. I have heard at least half a dozen different descriptions. So don't worry too much about what other people are saying about you. Just let them believe what they want to believe.

Who would be interested in a bus service for those that can afford these luxury dream homes?

In an emergency it is not so simple. I know a radiology nurse who was on call for Torbay hospital. She had an urgent call at 3am. She lives in this area. She was caught by the camera going down Teignmouth hill, doing 36. She paid after the NHS wrote mitigating circumstances which failed and before I knew about it. Someones life was at risk, but that didn't matter on future call outs, she ...

7 Jul 2018

Now that England has progressed this far, does anyone know where I can buy a waistcoat at a discounted price?

Well Fred Basset, If more attention was given to what your councils/officers get up to, then we may all see a clear and level playing field. Most people moan like hell when something smacks them in the face but do nothing about it. Shareholders are the name of the game when it comes to over priced accommodation. And by that I mean companies that offer highly priced to rent housing and housing for ...

And not all of them are live - they couldn't afford to do that. So today Cowley Bridge road is alive and maybe Topsham Road is dead. Tomorrow they liven up somewhere else and kill off a live one. Nowing which is alive and which is dead is the problem. So we must assume they are all alive unless you know how to tell the dead ones.

In vestigation on going as no train driver reported a hit.

Freemasons in Dawlish
11 Jun 2018

If elvis did not go, he would not know what the truth is. He claims it is an honorable organisation, but how does he know that? Dangling a few carrots here and there to lead the donkeys, is not the only thing they do. Strange also that the starter of this topic has not reported back as to how well the recruitment drive went .

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