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Bet sbhe won't do it again.

10 Sep 2019

I have to disagree with @DEEDOODLE . Those that place graffiti on a wall or do anything to other peoples property are clearly breaking the law--unless they have permission to do such a thing. The town council employee or a civil enforcement officer has the right to place a ticket on the windscreen. where else would they put it to inform the owner that they had no right to park there?

@Calamari ------sorry. misreadit

26 Aug 2019

@DEEDOODLE , He maybe a tw@t! But remember, he is teaching someones kids, so what sort of education are they getting?

26 Aug 2019

i expect he was swaning around.

Do people honestly believe that a seagull could snatch a dog from a garden. The only people so far is the media and the is because they sell news papers and they  will do anything to attract some peoples attention. Would make good APRIL FOOLS prank..

26 Jul 2019

The lies just to cover things up. This is the real true story. The dog was a bit of a yapper, so the husband sold the dog because they could not stop it yapping. Then he told everybody that a seagull had taken it from the garden. I always did think the first version was a bit of a tall story. So here was another story that had no truth in it.

24 Jul 2019

They are all psychic. They will tell you things you never even thought about. The chicken sare coming home to roost. Boris has already started going down that road.

And will Morris take the blame at a later date should anything untoward happen, because as she thinks, she may talk them out of doing what they want to do now. there could be a lot more people affected further down the line As far as I am concerned she is a waste of space as is her staff, first you have to get past the staff before she will know what is going on, but what they tell you might be ...

17 Jul 2019

Of course it is very sad for those that are loosing their livelyhood in such a dramatic way. But let us not forget it is for the benefit of the many, not the few. Sorry I have stolen the labour parties slogan, but it is a fact.

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