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@SickOfIt i undertood your attempt at sarcasm. The dating comment is bizarrely tangential; in any case I thought you had eyes only for the Mayor? If you are a woman you're a peculiar one.

Got the Conservative flyer for the General Election; Isn't that Lib Dem Councillor Martin Wrigley photographed standing next to MP Anne-Marie Morris? Or has he defected? Comedy Gold!

@SickOfIt on second thoughts you have a point; it's just a coincidence - @Lynne is much more savvy than you are and i don't think she's naive when it comes to her points of view. And she has a genuine interest in politics and the local community. And whatever makes you think I'd want to go on a date with you??? Hilarious! What have you been smoking? haha.

@SickOfIt the comment was ironic given you preach politeness, i feel that's kind of obvious. It is obvious you mean that you don't like being questioned by strangers. As you'd like to be left alone. Which is even more ironic.

@SickOfIt . I'm sure you read it all. You didn't reply, because you cannot reply. it's funny how both @SickOfIt and @Lynne think i should talk to the mayor. And how coincidental that they both have an issue with my re-editing. @SickOfIt If you know me then why not come and ask me your questions in person?

@SickOfIt , what? Even if they just asked you for directions? And you preach politeness between one another elsewhere on this site?

@SickOfIt You don't offer any balanced, constructive opinions, just nasty, condesending rants. You're far from the model of politeness that you so espouse. I've re-edited my post because 1) I can - it's my post 2) I changed my mind about what I wanted to write in reply to you - it's my post @SickOfIt , if you think you can tell me to 'shut up', imply I'm vindictive ...

31 May 2017

@SickOfIt No surprise to see you back. You can ask, but first reply to my questions from this thread; And as for 'badmouthing' the Mayor on this forum, where?  Can you offer examples? You're the one who trades in petty insults and contravenes privacy on here. I don't owe the likes of you any explantion. You always have ...

Well declarations of interest, ill-conceived email responses and unfortunate photos amount to a comedy of errors that don't help their case one bit.

@Lynne i can thank @north devonian in person when i go surfing with him next. That is pretty much all I'd expect you to write (or say) about Cllr Wrigley And yes, I agree maybe the local press would be interested.