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General Discussion

10 Sep 2017

I have moved to Dawlish recently from a city where we had to wait up to three weeks for a non emergency GP appointment. To get an emergency one, you, or in my case a non sick member of the family had to visit the surgery dead on 8.30 a.m. because you could never get through on the phone. I have nothing but praise for the Barton Surgery. Appointments have been easy to obtain, and all the staff we ...

13 Aug 2017

As far as I can see, it's a public place and the police have a duty to maintain the Queen's Peace. What the "Town Manager" thinks about police presence should have naff all to do with it!!!

Brooklyn Bridge, I like your style with the 101 number!! Regarding the incident that you described afterwards, if indeed the police did nothing, then it looks like a possible complaint of Neglect of Duty could be appropriate. A lot might depend on what the officers witnessed, but if there were witnesses willing to make statements, then the couple should have been arrested, at the very least under ...

7 Jul 2017

Just to repeat Brooklyn Bridges' information: Neighbourhood Team Leader: Inspector: Teignbridge Council ASB for Dawlish:

7 Jul 2017

Brookllyn Bridge you are so right. Can I please make another suggestion, on top of sending emails, at the time (if you have a phone) dial 101 non emergency police and report exactly what you have seen as anti sociable behaviour. Make sure that you get a message reference number, then mention it in the emails that you send as referenced above. Only by continually reporting such disgusting behaviour ...

Blind belief of the crap read about Corbyn?! You do not have to read it, just watch his interviews. Also listen to the interviews of the Shadow Home Secretary, the delightful and patronising Dianne Abbott MP. These people are putting themselves up for Government. God help us, do I really need to say more?

General Election
21 Apr 2017

And the alternative is....? See the post above yours.

21 Apr 2017

I see it like this...and I've voted differently in past elections. Who do we want running the country and negotiating with Brussels at this crucial time for our nation? May with a proven track record in government, but whom I differ with on certain issues, or a coalition of Corbyn/Farron/Jimmy Krankie, with Krankie most probably calling the shots as the strongest character. I know my choice, and ...

Mobiles and driving
3 Mar 2017

Unless the law has changed since I knew,  you can operate a two way radio whilst driving. However police radios now incorporate a mobile phone which arguably means that its use falls under the same legislation as mobile phones. This means that if a police car is is single manned, the driver will have to park legally before talking on the radio. In a fast moving emergency situation (such as a ...

I've moved down here recently from a city where I used to have to wait two to three weeks for a non emergency appointment with a doctor, and it was not unusual to be called by that surgery to delay that appointment nearer to it. After registering at the Barton Surgery, I went and asked for a non emergency appointment, during a busy week in my life, expecting the same service. First I was offered a ...

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