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Green loss
14 Jun 2018

Ok so us baby boomers (there are a lot of us) who selfishly live longer in houses that we either bought and paid for, or have occupied for decades, should move out into smaller accommodation so that the annual flood of immigrants should immediately have spacious living, without having to go through the cramped conditions that us baby boomers (so many of us) suffered initially until our hard work ...

The parking problem was not helped because a huge lorry that arrived to remove one of the recycling skips promptly broke down!!

What @Paul said!!!

Lycra louts about.
7 May 2018

Three or four riding abreast is indeed selfish. However it is all very well demanding that cyclists pay insurance and tax etc, but enforcing that would be so difficult. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and reflect....just exactly how long were you held back by these selfish cyclists? What has that time wasted behind them actually cost you? Having said that, it is really frustrating to be ...

Diana Mond, I do not intend to enter into any further discussion on this thread, as I have no information that can help in this case, but I feel that any effort to try to identify the owner of this dog is worth it. In my experience, it has been not been usual for evidence to come to light some time after the event in unexpected ways, but it does happen quite often. With that in mind, what harm is ...

20 Apr 2018

Deedoodle, I for one appreciate your efforts to try to find the owner of this dog. I was horrified to hear about this attack. For me it is a serious matter for our town. Diana Mond, I think that you could have chosen a thread on a different subject to pursue your vendetta against Deedoodle in such an infantile way. For the benefit of all who read this, I have no idea who Deedoodle or Diana Mond ...

Thank you guys for always putting such lovely pictures on this site. I do not often post here, but I do see them and enjoy them. It was lovely to be walking the dog in Sandy Park this afternoon and see so many people enjoying the snow. It is not often that the snow visits here, but when it does, it takes seconds for kids to dust off their toboggans!!

Coryton cove
1 Mar 2018

The dredger "Mannin" had been picking up silt from Exmouth Marina and dumping it off Sprey Point in Teignmouth. Last weekend the beach at Teignmouth changed from red to black, causing deep concern. The Marine Management Organisation (MMO), a Government organisation, withdrew the licence from the Mannin to do this on Monday (or maybe Tuesday) after this was reported. In the meantime stormy seas ...

Back in the seventies I saw graffitti with an anarchist symbol that said, "If voting ever changed anything they would make it illegal." However I still cast my vote, for what it is worth (sigh).

Elvis, you are not being picky, you are absolutely correct. However, I now feel the time has come to say....I'M SPARTACUS!!!!!!

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