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@majorp I agree with your last post, it is not over until it is over!!

22 Jun 2019

A General Election votes in a Parliamentary Party to govern, whoever is the leader. If the leader changes in between General Elections (GE), then that leader becomes Prime Minister. This is the system that has been in place for several years. In my remembered lifetime, James Callaghan took over from Harold Wilson (Labour) and was defeated in the next GE by Margaret Thatcher (Cons). John Major took ...

22 Jun 2019

Whichever way you look at it, the woman knew exactly what she was doing i.e. trespassing by gatecrashing a private function. There was probably an error by security staff which allowed her access. However, if I was to enter your home as a trespasser and refuse to leave, you would be legally entitled to remove me by force, as long as the level of force used is reasonable in the circumstances. ...

21 Jun 2019

@majorp sorry but that is cr*p.  An assault is an assault, but is only a crime if it is unlawful. I have looked at the video, and as far as I can see, the man stops her walking past him by grabbing her arms and pushing her against a pillar. He then turns her and steers her out by holding her by the back of her neck (effectively causing no injury). She had entered the private function in full ...

@Lynne I really do not give a fig about what Nigel Farage might have done, it is the electorate's decision that matters.

31 Mar 2019

@Lynne , we can argue about this for ever, but another referendum would simply cause so much more division and conflict, whichever way it goes. I believe that we have played our cards, rolled the dice and have to make the most of the result, however appalling you may feel it is.

29 Mar 2019

@Lynne I take your point, however I do not think that you should make that comparison with a General Election. A GE is something that happens at least every 5 years, the EU Referendum was supposed to be a "one-off" (or so we were promised!!).

I really do not know now. I have voted Conservative in the past, but might have considered voting Labour now if Jeremy Corbyn was not the leader. I remember the middle to late 1970s so I can not put my cross to his party. If we did not have a reasonable Independent candidate, I would look for something like Screaming Lord Sutch, or spoil my vote, unless political parties change very radically by ...

@Lynne to be fair, the closest vote was "Customs Union" - 8, compared to 27 in the confirmatory vote. One should look at the whole picture, and not cherry pick a la Anna Soubry. By the way, interesting to see that she is against a General Election bearing in mind that her constituency voted Leave, and would then most likely lose her seat.

Project Fear again. Remoaners are very quick to accuse the Leave campaign as a pack of lies...maybe so for some of it (the number on the bus (yawn), which was exposed well before the vote), but they seem to forget how the Remain campaign foretold mass unemployment, thousands of pounds drop in wages, the sky falling in and asteroids colliding with planet Earth the day after the referendum if it did ...

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