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@majorp Is the any need to be rude ? I really do apologise to you for asking a simple question. Shame you had to be incredibly rude in your answer.

14 Mar 2018

it is an offence to remain stationary with your engine running Doesn't that apply only if you are not in the vehicle?

Please keep us posted with the situation Ziggy.

Pics 23 02 2018
28 Feb 2018

Love the pics of the Kingfisher & Dipper. As for the idiot parking on the pavement!!!

There was two of them canvassing in my road yeaterday. One knocked on my door at approx 1130am and told him I wasn't interested. Then about 4 hours later, the other chap decided to give me a try and when I answered the door, I told him where to go. @Paul Were your chaps wearing a light/sky blue top? What make me laugh is that when you answer the door, the first thing they ...

Not for nearly 10 years now.

Well done to Martin.

Dawlish started going down when Woolworths closed. Same as Teignmouth.

@Diana Mond The point that I was making is that there have recently been a few high profile cases where the accused's name has been plastered across the media yet the accuser (who I might add fabricated the story) remains annonamous. Does that satisfy you? Probably not. I'm certain that you will find somethig else to have a dig at.

I just don't believe that anyone thinks that the letter up top was written by a real person and not something that someone just bantered around the internet, like lots of other Fake News.