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Calamari's Posts

Anyone else having a problem during the day?

@1263 Better still, get rid of her so we can get an extra couple of Bobbies on the beat from the wages we have saved from paying her waste of space position.

Well done to all who took part last night in the Pram Race.

So, our (Dawlish) one time councillor is now a psychic. Shame she coulnd't see what was happening at the council meetings. Whatever next!

@ Leatash British driver who lives abroad to avoid paying tax.

15 Jul 2019

Should have watched the Cricket instead. Much more exciting and it was our country in the final, who eventually won the Cricket World Cup.

Sea wall
13 Jul 2019

@Margaret Swift Better putting up with noise 24/7 for a few months than getting flooded or losing your life.

If they (Stagecoach) decide in the future to cut the service, will it be a matter of, 2B, or not 2B?

Sea wall
9 Jul 2019

You have to take the rough with the smooth. In the long run, it could end up saving their lives and property, and it's not like it's going to last forever. After all, they have the trains running through there all day (Diesel pollution) and at times through the night as well.

@Paul What would you have said if Jeremy Corbyn had done it?