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Thanks Scapegoat. I had a feeling that Paul wouldn't know the answer...

At least they have the nerve to do it to your face... Is the abuse you're getting equal to the racist abuse that we've seen recorded and shared on social media? Is being called a nasty Little Englander worse than being told to "f*** off back to your own country you p*** b******."? In your parallel universe, maybe.

1 Jul 2016

Don't hold your breath in expectation of a constructive answer to that one from the Quitters.

Who was playing at the South Devon Inn?

Am I right in thinking that the seawall is the private property of Network Rail and as such they have every right to put up these barriers on their property? As ugly as they are.

Wow. She doesn't even have the courtesy to call her colleague by her full name. Vile woman. PS Gary, thanks for answering my question so frankly.

Lisa, a lot will depend on whether the government subsidises the farming industry like the EU does at present. The Quitters have already reneged on their promise to divert the imaginary £350m a week to the NHS, let's hope that the next government (and subsequent ones) don't leave the farmers high and dry.

In your previous life, why did you vote for her rather than a Lib Dem candidate?

Ah, but those who lied to make the gullible vote to quit, said that we'd be growing more of our own food. Well, you can't beat a bent banana grown in Birmingham. So to speak.

"Get over it, etc, etc". Repeat ad infinitum...