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Just building on every other free space in Teignbridge instead.

Force this on your employees and expect to pay out a lot of dosh in compensation to quite a few employees.

Council tax
20 Mar 2021

All those elected officials know how to do certain things very well ... waste tax payers money, fill their pocket and tax us to the hilt.  Whether its local councils up to central government. Throughout this SCAMDEMIC have you seen any of your bills reduce? no, but I can bet many of the services have. The added bonus is that in many cases if you do not pay the increases the bully boys will be sent ...

Or just buy one yourself.

A new covid strain I expect....the tango covid strain.

Its a shame they are not as active attending crimes that take place, in my opinion.

@leatash , did you even read what I said. Sigh the vaccine is going to do little more than nothing to stop you getting and passing on the virus. The new strains will more than likely make the current vaccines less effective than they would have been, if thats possible. If your reason for self isolating was waiting for a vaccine that makes you immune and unable to pass on the covid virus. Then ...

25 Dec 2020

The vaccine does not stop you getting the virus and it does not stop you passing it on. At best, it may, reduce the symptoms. Average age of death from covid 19, from government stats, is currently around 82.5 years with underlying health issues. Over 99.9 percent of people survive a case of covid, as they do seasonal flu, why on gods green earth would you be injected with a vaccine that has ...

Currently the U.S. is looking at  a tentative approval of the Pfizer vaccine in the spring/summer of 2021. The U.K. is the first to get a shipment of the Pfizer vaccine and allow the MHRA to rubber stamp it for mass public rollout under emergency authorisation use. This is the first such approval by a goverment of a Western made vaccine. The thing to understand that this has been approved ...

I thought it was my next door neighbours, thank god for that.

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